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The Tampa Bay Trade & Protocol Council is an international organization that promotes the Tampa Bay region internationally for trade and protocol, connects our companies and institutions with international opportunities, and educates the public on topics related to the international economy.
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Judy Genshaft

University of South Florida

“The Tampa Bay Trade & Protocol Council is an integral part of our region’s international trade strategy"

President Ronald L. Vaughn

The University of Tampa

"The Tampa Bay Trade & Protocol Council has a lead role in helping to rebuild these relationships for our community.”

Bob Rohrlack

Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce

Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce commends the Mayor and County on their vision to strengthen Protocol with an international trade component.
  • Event Calendar

  • April 7-9, 2015
    International Days in Tallahassee with Florida Chamber

    May 6-9, 2015
    Inbound Panama Mission

    May 8, 2015
    International Town Hall

    May 27, 2015
    S.E.U.S. Korea