It is the mission of the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce and its membership in taking a leadership role in promoting the development and funding of a cost-effective regional transportation system that will support economic development and improve the quality of life for residents. We believe that a robust multimodal transportation system is critical for our region’s prosperity.

Transportation Guiding Principles

  • We expect city, county and state officials to work together to craft transportation solutions that address both local and regional needs, and enhance the ability to be competitive in the worldwide marketplace.  
  • We will advocate for emerging technologies and innovative financing, including public-private partnerships, to build a regional system that can solve today’s problems and is ready for the challenges of the coming decades.
  • We support transportation policies and projects that are paired with modernized land use regulations to create a density of commercial and residential growth in established corridors.
  • Premium transit should be widely available and include effective and efficient commuting that improves business prosperity and quality of life for our residents.
  • We will advocate for mobility options such as synchronized traffic signals; bus rapid transit, ferries or rail; and highway projects, that were identified as priorities in surveys of businesses and employees. We will seek to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of mobility options with the following parameters:
  • Is the mobility option cost-effective, economically and environmentally, in comparison to alternatives?
  • Can the mobility option be reasonably expanded or serve more people in the future?
  • Does the mobility option encourage safer and more efficient trips for all users, in comparison to current options?
  • Does the mobility option encourage the use of other mobility options, such as pedestrian and bicycle facilities?


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