Competitive Edge Series

The Competitive Edge series is the premier educational program of the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce. Business and professional development classes offer attendees new skill sets and a practical application for implementation in their own business. A unique class takes place six times each year.

The Competitive Edge Series classes are FREE to members of the FIT 2 Level, and FREE with benefits to members of the FIT 1 and 3 Levels.

Lead or Get Out of the Way! Let’s Take Your Leadership to the Next Level

Tue., Oct. 15, 2019

11:30am - 1:30pm

Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce

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Why is it that some people always seem to get the breaks and opportunities while others get overlooked? It could be they do a better job of setting themselves up to be in the right place at the right time with the right skills. Everyone has an opportunity to be a leader, even a great leader. Whether it is taking control of your career, owning your actions, or using your current skills and talents to your advantage, this workshop will touch on several highlights to help sharpen your leadership saw.

During this workshop you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn how simplicity and common sense plays an essential role in developing your talents and using them to create a platform for success.
  • Adapt, migrate, or perish — the only three choices you have.
  • Understand how honesty, integrity, and humility set the stage for your actions.
  • Expand your ideas through innovative techniques and planning.

Featured Speaker

Gary Vien – Chief Administrative Officer, Suncoast Credit Union

Gary Vien is an eternal optimist, finding lessons in leadership everywhere he looks. He has been fortunate to work throughout the United States in the entertainment industry with Six Flags and Busch Gardens as a senior leader for almost 40 years and has recruited talent internationally. He then found additional purpose and opportunities within the Credit Union movement at Florida’s largest, Suncoast Credit Union. Vien serves on many community and national volunteer boards in various leadership positions including the HCC Foundation and the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce.

Gary is the author of the upcoming book Lead or Get Out of the Way! Eight Powerful Principles to Take Your Leadership to the Next Level.

Lunch Sponsor

Food for this event is generously being provided by Outback Steakhouse.

Small Business Champions

Tue., Nov. 12, 2019

11:30am - 1:30pm

Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce

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The Competitive Edge event features a panel discussion with executives from the Chamber’s 2019 Small Business of the Year award-winning companies. They will highlight what makes their company successful and share their personal thoughts on the following:

  • Management philosophy;
  • Major risks of starting your own business;
  • Key business values;
  • Challenges and adversities;
  • How they recruit staff; and
  • Other tips and recommendations for success.

Moderated by 2019 SBOY Co-Presenting Sponsor, Richard Huckaby, Warren Averett


Kendra Conze
Health Mutt
Winner – 5–20 Employees

Tim Hall
Winner – Startup Company

Gregory Zolkos
Atlas Professional Services
Winner – 21–50 Employees

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