H.L. Culbreath Jr. Profile in Leadership Award

The H.L. Culbreath Jr. Profile in Leadership Award was created in 1997 to annually recognize an individual whose leadership has made a positive impact on the greater Tampa community. Named in honor of its first recipient, a man whose civic philanthropy and long service personified leadership, the award has quickly become the area’s most prestigious honor.

This award, established by Leadership Tampa Alumni, will be presented at the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Meeting on December 5 at the Tampa Convention Center.


To nominate someone, please complete the form below and include:

  • A current biography or resume of the nominated candidate; and
  • Two letters of recommendation.


Nominees will be considered based on: how the person’s leadership benefits the greater Tampa community; whether the person’s leadership activity involved any form of community service (e.g. civic, cultural, economic, charitable, recreational, or educational). Leadership need not be marked by any formal event and is evident beyond the scope of the person’s professional duties. The following recognition criteria should be considered:

  • Character (Reflects moral and ethical integrity)
  • Community Involvement (Involved in community service, whether civic, cultural, economic, charitable, recreational or educational)
  • Initiative/Tenacity (Shows persistence, determination, perseverance, action and implementation)
  • Leadership (Demonstrates the ability to lead in his/her business)
  • Professional Accomplishments (Shows achievement through measurable results; demonstrates career achievement)
  • Selflessness (Offers personal sacrifice, generosity, philanthropy and social conscience)
  • Vision (Has direction, foresight, creativity and resourcefulness)


  • Current GTCC officers, elected officials or declared candidates running for public office are not eligible for nomination.
  • This award will not be given posthumously.

Nomination Deadline – 5pm, Oct. 24, 2019

For questions, please contact Meaghan Gelinski, Senior Director, Events.

Complete the nomination form.

Previous Award Recipients

  • 2018 Honorable Bob Martinez
  • 2017 Alex Sink
  • 2016 Chuck Sykes
  • 2015 Betty Castor
  • 2014 R.A. “Dick” Beard
  • 2013 Harold “Hal” W. Mullis
  • 2012 James L. Ferman, Jr.
  • 2011 A. Gerald Divers
  • 2010 Dottie Berger MacKinnon
  • 2009 Mandell “Hinks” Shimberg
  • 2008 Guy King III
  • 2007 Dr. Ronald Vaughn
  • 2006 Donald “Don” Wallace
  • 2005 John Ramil
  • 2004 J. Thomas Touchton
  • 2003 Robert G. “Bob” Blanchard
  • 2002 Monsignor Laurence Higgins
  • 2001 A.D. “Sandy” MacKinnon
  • 2000 Chloe Coney
  • 1999 Major Steve Saunders
  • 1998 John Sykes
  • 1997 H.L. Culbreath Jr.