Education Connection is a partnership that represents multiple business interests and educational institutions in Hillsborough County. The committee began as an intiative started by 2014 Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce Chair Robin DeLaVergne and originally focused as a hub for the partnerships created between our businesses and institutions of education. In 2017, in conjunction with the Chamber's Vision 2026, significantly changed focus by addressing the gaps that exist in workforce development and workforce talent. The mission of the Education Connection Committee is to develop workforce talent, advocate for innovative educational initiatives and inspire meaningful academic and business partnerships.

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Education Connection Committee

The committee serves as a hub for educational and business partners to work together to ensure our workforce is prepared for tomorrow. We serve as a catalyst of change and work with the Chamber's policy committee to advocate on behalf of innovative educational initiatives. Our committee's efforts and programming reflect not only the diverse industries within our business partners but also the Tampa community.

How you can contribute

Committee Meeting - One of the best ways to get a sense of what is going on in various industries is to come to our committee meetings. Our committee strives to be representative of the industries in Hillsborough county, and each month we provide time for our committee members to share how their industry is impacted by workforce development and the workforce gap. Our goal is for our programming to offer solutions to the issues brought forward by our committee members.

The Education Connection committee is always looking to expand its reach in the academic and business sectors. Guests are always welcome to join our committee meetings to learn more about the opportunities that exist. Committee members can contribute in many ways including:

  • Help to plan annual Education Connection programming
  • Attend Education Connection events - 3 breakfast events, 1 Signature event
  • Share event details with networks to ensure full attendance and awareness of Education Connection's efforts
  • Identify opportunities for legislative action as it relates to education
  • Learn about the volunteer opportunities that exist within our community
  • Learn about resources available to support our academic and educational institutions
  • Bring topics for discussion or speakers who can explore gaps in our education system
  • Represent Education Connection committee in the community by raising awareness and recruiting interested committee members from the Chamber's membership

Join our committee! We meet once a month to discuss initiatives that help support our mission. Our committee is comprised of representatives from our member businesses and educational partners.

Education Connection programming is sponsored by Suncoast Credit Union and Helios Education Foundation.


For more information, please contact Katie Lopez, Military and Workforce Development Manager, at