Volunteer Application


Rules of Conduct and Commitment

If accepted as a program volunteer for the Minority Business Accelerator, your conduct will reflect on the Chamber. You are expected to maintain a standard of behavior that aligns with the Chamber’s core values – integrity, inclusiveness, agility, and accountability. Conduct deemed inappropriate by the Chamber or failure to comply with the below standards, will result in immediate dismissal as a volunteer from the MBA.

Cultural Diversity and Responsiveness

The Chamber and the MBA aims to create an environment where all feel welcomed. Volunteers and MBEs represent all facets of the Tampa and Hillsborough Community, including race and ethnicity, gender, age, industry sectors, workforce segments, etc. You are expected to demonstrate cultural responsiveness, which requires openness to the viewpoints, thoughts, and experiences of others, while exploring and honoring those differences. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Cultural self-awareness
  • Avoidance to impose your own values
  • Resistance against stereotyping

Drug Free Environment

As a program of the Chamber, the MBA adheres to a drug and alcohol free policy during working program hours. It is the obligation of the Chamber to provide a drug-free, safe and secure work environment for volunteers and program participants.


MBEs and program volunteers may discuss topics of a sensitive nature throughout the program. Sharing of confidential information about other MBEs or the MBA program is strictly prohibited. All volunteers are required to execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement and Memorandum of Understanding (“MOU”) representing your understanding of the program’s confidentiality and program requirements. All program participants are required to execute a Non-Disclosure agreement as an added measure of confidentiality.

No Solicitation and No Distribution Policy

You must abide by a No Solicitation and a No Distribution policy for the duration of your term while serving as a volunteer for the MBA program. This policy prohibits volunteers from soliciting or distributing fundraising appeals or materials during MBA activities. In addition, volunteers may not solicit or distribute any literature or other material, to raise funds for charitable and other causes, to support or deny support for a candidate for elected office or a campaign, or to promote or advertise a cause to any MBE, other volunteer, or guest during the duration of your term. To prevent disruption and assure a productive work and academic environment, it is the Minority Business Accelerator’s policy to prohibit unauthorized solicitation of individuals and/or distribution of materials.


By submitting this application, you affirm that you understand the commitment to the Minority Business Accelerator as a volunteer and agree to abide by the rules of conduct above, as well as all other volunteer requirements.

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