Program participants will engage in various program activities that positions them to increase their organizational capacity, increase business opportunities and referrals, and increase brand awareness and visibility.

Program Activity Purpose
Cohort Kick Off Networking and program orientation.
Business Assessment Identify business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.
Accelerated Growth Plan Development Create a plan of action to remedy business weaknesses and threats, and capitalize on strengths and opportunities.
Strategic Planning Assistance
Executive Cohort Sessions Helps minority business owners understand their capabilities as leaders; provides tangible solutions for immediate implementation.
Advising & Mentorship Accountability and a resource for motivation, guidance, and creating results driven solutions to issues.
Exposure and Networking Events; Strategic Referrals/Introductions Brand awareness, company visibility, strategic introductions, potential client referrals, etc.
Peer Support Network
Fit 3 Chamber Membership
Peer-to-Peer Review Sessions Brainstorm results-driven solution to challenges impacting their business with program peers; facilitated by business experts that can provide insight to business leaders.
Education on Capital Opportunities
Pitch Sessions Present current business pitch to a group of top level business executives; exposure and networking.
GTCC Annual Meeting & Small Business of the Year Awards Exposure, networking, and media coverage.
Accelerated Growth Plan Implementation & Accountability To outline strategic objectives that will assist in increasing capacity.

Additional Benefits

Local Business Community

The Minority Business Accelerator provides a way for the local business community to support diversity and economic inclusion efforts in Tampa and Hillsborough County. Other benefits include:

  • Increased competitiveness
  • Ability to identify qualified minority owned businesses
  • Enhanced corporate brand

Tampa and Hillsborough County

  • More diverse and inclusive business community
  • Job creation
  • Positive economic impact

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