2018 1st Quarter Review - Impact Report Numbers

The Minority Business Accelerator’s First Cohort Class of 2019 received final numbers for the first quarter, which are reported on an aggregate basis on all four of the businesses in the cohort.

Professional Development Hours Completed (ECS, P2P, Chamber Events)

48 total hours participating in professional and business development to gain a better understanding of how to grow their company, be better leaders, and engage and retain their staff.

Business Planning Hours Completed

73 total hours strategically planning for the growth and betterment of their company with their business advisor, LaKendria Robinson, of Jeff Chernoff (Chamber Buddy).

Strategic Introductions

8 new strategic introductions that have the potential to give them new financial or contract opportunities or strengthen their business capacity.

New Positions Created

Created 2 new positions that did not exist within their company; both positions have been filled.

New Hires

12 new employees.

Asset Changes

Purchased 3 new assets (equipment) to increase their capacity.

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