Judy Genshaft

University of South Florida

“The Tampa Bay Trade & Protocol Council is an integral part of our region’s international trade strategy"

President Ronald L. Vaughn

The University of Tampa

"The Tampa Bay Trade & Protocol Council has a lead role in helping to rebuild these relationships for our community.”

Bob Rohrlack

Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce

Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce commends the Mayor and County on their vision to strengthen Protocol with an international trade component.

In addition to Tampa/Hillsborough government, there are a large number of private businesses, and non-profit trade associations playing major roles in the County's international trade efforts. Since the private sector fuels the growth of exports/imports and investments, the private sector is both the County's partner and client. Many large and mid-sized Tampa Bay based firms are already exporting and importing their products and services successfully. Through their presence abroad and ability to attract buyers to the area, these firms serve as unofficial ambassadors for the quality and diversity of Hillsborough County exports and imports and could be utilized as mentors or role models for other companies interested in exporting and importing.

The County’s international organizations can play a critical role in promoting international trade by providing integrated and effective technical assistance to companies and municipalities desiring to transact international business. Through the assistance of these organizations, the County can be more effective in competing internationally by:
  • Expanding sales of products and services by export-ready firms;
  • Increasing the number of firms exporting and importing goods and services;
  • Providing direct assistance to companies to assist their export/import activities; and
  • Assisting in the development of a network of trade assistance organizations that can help businesses successfully complete export/import transactions.