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India is the world's biggest democracy and has the second largest population in the world (1;2).The Indian economy is one of the fastest growing economies (2). However, poverty still remains a major concern (2).

India is a hub of outsourcing activities for some of the major economies of the world including the United Kingdom and the United States (1). Its natural resources include coal, iron ore, manganese, mica, bauxite, rare earth elements, titanium ore, chromite, natural gas, diamonds, petroleum, limestone and arable land (3).
India's diverse economy encompasses agriculture, handicrafts, manufacturing industries, and a multitude of services (3).

India’s agriculture products include rice, wheat, oilseed, cotton, jute, tea, sugarcane, lentils, onions, potatoes; dairy products, sheep, goats, poultry and fish (3). India’s industries include textiles, chemicals, food processing, steel, transportation equipment, cement, mining, petroleum, machinery, software, IT, salt and pharmaceuticals (3).

The tourism industry in India is substantial and vibrant, and the country is fast becoming a major global destination (4). India has a lot of historic monuments and heritage sites to visit (4).

India’s top exports commodities include petroleum products, precious stones, machinery, iron and steel, chemicals, vehicles and apparel (3). Itstop imports commodities include crude oil, precious stones, machinery, fertilizer, iron and steel and chemicals (3).

India has capitalized on its large educated English-speaking population to become a major exporter of information technology services, business outsourcing services, and software workers (3).

India’s main ports and terminals are Chennai, Jawaharal Nehru Port, Kandla, Kolkata (Calcutta), Mumbai (Bombay), Sikka and Vishakhapatnam (3). The ports are the main centers of trade. In India about 95% of the foreign trade by quantity and 70% by value takes place through the ports (3).

Trade Statistics
India was the United-States 11th largest goods trading partner with $63.7 billion in total goods trade during 2013 (5). India was United-States’ 10th main goods imports partner and 18th main goods exports partner in 2013 (6). Florida’s top exports to India: Fertilizers, aircraft, engines, iron, steel, Organic chemicals, medical and technical equipment, Electronic equipment, automatic data process machines (8). Florida’s top imports from India: Oil, petrol, mineral, medicaments, diamonds, pharmaceuticals, travel goods, handbags, wallets, jewelry cases, rubber, steel, Clothing (8).

The U.S.-India Strategic Dialogue, launched in 2009, provides opportunities to strengthen collaboration in areas including energy, climate change, trade, education, and counterterrorism (9).

Trade Numbers

  • United States’ goods and services trade with India in 2012: $93 billion (5)
  • United States’ goods and services import from India in 2012: $59 billion (5)
  • United States’ goods and services export to India in 2012: $34 billion (5)
  • United States’ goods import from India in 2013:  $41.8 billion – (up 3.2% ($1.3 billion) from 2012) (5)
  • United States’ goods exports to India in 2013: $21.9 billion – (down 1.0% ($230 million) from 2012) (5)
  • Florida’s merchandise exports to India in 2013:  495.3 Millions of US Dollars (8)
  • Florida’s merchandise imports from India in 2013: 677.5 Millions of US Dollars (8)
  • Total Merchandise Trade between Florida and India in 2013: 1,172.8 Millions of US Dollars (8)
  • Imports from India to Tampa Port Authority in 2010: $934,018 (10)
  • Exports from Tampa Port Authority to India in 2010: $946,803,059 (10)

Export Companies 
India owns 3 companies in the Tampa Bay area (7).

Company Parent Country County NAICS Titles # of Employees
Jain Irrigation, Inc. India Polk Farm Machinery & Equipment Manufacturing 10 to 29
Tata Tea, Inc. India Hillsborough Other Grocery & Related Product Merchant Wholesalers 50 to 99
Watson SCS, Inc. India Hillsborough Computer Systems Design Services 10 to 29

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