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Switzerland is located in central Europe, but it is not a member of the European Union (2;3). Switzerland is a multilingual state with four national languages: German, French, Italian, and Rhaeto-Romance (3). Switzerland's economy benefits from a highly developed service sector, led by financial services, and a manufacturing industry that specializes in high-technology, knowledge-based production (1).

Switzerland’s natural resources include hydropower potential, timber and salt (2).

Switzerland economy is structured as followed (in % of GDP): services 72.5%, industry 26.8% and agriculture 0.7% (2013) (1).

Switzerland’s agriculture products include grains, fruits, vegetables, meat, eggs, crops, potatoes, sugar, beets, wheat, barley, maize, oats, and rye (2;3). Switzerland’s industries include machinery, chemicals, wine, watches, clock, textiles, precision instruments, nonmetallic minerals, plastics, tourism, banking and insurance (1).

Switzerland’s top exports commodities include machinery, chemicals, petroleum products, pharmaceuticals, metals, steel, clocks, watches, agricultural products, chocolate and baby food (2;3). Its top imports commodities include machinery, chemicals, food, fodder, industrial raw, materials vehicles, metals, oil, natural gas, coal, agricultural products, textiles (2;3)

Switzerland’s main port is Basel (1).

Trade Statistics
Switzerland is the United States' 14th largest goods trading partner with $55 billion in total goods trade during 2013 (4). In 2013, Switzerland was the United States' 14th largest goods exports trade partner and 15thlargest goods imports partner (5). And United-States was Italy’s 2nd main export partner (6). Florida’s top exports to Switzerland include Gold, Unwrought, Semi manufactured, Metal, Watches, Wrist, Pocket, Civilian Aircraft, Engines, And Parts, and Articles of Jewelry. United-States’ top imports from Switzerland include pharmaceutical products, optic and medical instruments, clocks and watches, machinery, jewelry and diamonds, and agricultural products (7). Switzerland owns 30 companies in Tampa Bay, about 7% of the Tampa Foreign Owned Companies (8).

Trade Numbers
  • United States’ goods and private services trade with Switzerland in 2012: $100 billion (4)
  • United States’ goods and services import from Switzerland in 2012: $53 billion (4)
  • United States’ goods and services export to Switzerland in 2012: $47 billion (4)
  • United States’ goods imports from Switzerland in 2013 were $28.3 billion – (a 10.1% increase ($2.6 billion) from 2012) (4)
  • United States’ goods exports to Switzerland in 2013 were $27.0 billion – (up 2.2% ($590 million) from 2012) (4)
  • Florida’s merchandise exports to Switzerland in 2013: 3,378.0 Millions of US Dollars (7)
  • Florida’s merchandise imports from Switzerland in 2013: 758.2 Millions of US Dollars (7)
  • Total Merchandise Trade between Florida and Switzerland in 2013: 4,136.2 Millions of US Dollars (7)
  • Imports to Tampa Port Authority from Switzerland in 2010: $6,729 (9)

Export Companies
Switzerland owns 30 companies in Tampa Bay (8).

Company Parent Country County NAICS Titles # of employees
Accounting Principals, Inc. Switzerland Hillsborough Employment Placement Agencies <10
Ace USA, Inc. Switzerland Hillsborough Direct Property & Casualty Insurance Carriers <10
ADT Security Services, Inc. Switzerland Multiple Electrical Contractors 500 to 999
Ajilon, LLC Switzerland Multiple Employment Placement Agencies 10 to 29
Brach’s Confections, Inc. Switzerland Hillsborough Confectionary & Nut Stores <10
Column Financial, Inc. Switzerland Hillsborough Securities Brokerage <10
Computerized Security Systems, Inc. Switzerland Hillsborough All Other Miscellaneous Electrical Equip. & Component Mfg. <10
Consulting Partners, Inc. Switzerland Sarasota Custom Computer Programming Services <10
Davidoff of Geneva USA, Inc. Switzerland Pinellas Mail-Order Houses <10
Emhart Glass Manufacturing, Inc. Switzerland Pinellas Packaging Machinery Manufacturing 50 to 99
Firmenich Incorporated Switzerland Polk Flavoring Syrup & Concentrate Manufacturing 100 to 299
Givaudan Fragrances Corporation Switzerland Polk All Other Basic Organic Chemical Manufacturing 30 to 49
Holcim US, Inc. Switzerland Multiple Cement Manufacturing 30 to 49
Jenny Craig Weight Loss Centers, Inc. Switzerland Multiple Diet & Weight Reducing Centers 10 to 29
Kaf-Tech, Inc. Switzerland Pinellas Noncurrent-Carrying Wiring Device Manufacturing 50 to 99
Kuehne + Nagel, Inc. Switzerland Polk General Warehousing & Storage 30 to 49
Lee Hecht Harrison LLC Switzerland Hillsborough Administrative & General Management Consulting Services <10
Melco Industries, Inc. Switzerland Pinellas Industrial Machinery & Equipment Merchant Wholesalers <10
Montblanc North America, LLC Switzerland Hillsborough Jewelry Stores <10
Novartis Corporation Switzerland Multiple Pharmaceutical Preparation Manufacturing <10
Passina Products USA, Inc. Switzerland Hillsborough Packaged Frozen Food Merchant Wholesalers 10 to 29
PRP Wine International, Inc. Switzerland Hillsborough Wine & Distilled Alcoholic Beverage Merchant Wholesalers 10 to 29
Schindler Elevator Corporation Switzerland Multiple Other Building Equipment Contractors 50 to 99
Simplexgrinnell, LP Switzerland Hillsborough Plumbing, Heating & Air-Conditioning Contractors 100 to 299
Sunbelt Staffing, LLC Switzerland Hillsborough All Other Miscellaneous Ambulatory Health Care Services 50 to 99
Syngenta Crop Protection, Inc. Switzerland Hillsborough Farm Supplies Merchant Wholesalers <10
TAD PGS, Inc. Switzerland Manatee Temporary Help Services 10 to 29
UBS Financial Services, Inc. Switzerland Multiple Securities Brokerage 100 to 299
Unistrut International Corporation Switzerland Hillsborough Prefabricated Metal Building & Component Manufacturing 10 to 29
Vitality Foodservice, Inc. Switzerland Multiple Other Grocery & Related Product Merchant Wholesalers 300 to 499
Zurich North American Insurance Co. Switzerland Hillsborough Insurance Agencies & Brokerages <10

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