Chamber Overview

The Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce began as the Tampa Board of Trade in 1885 and was reorganized in 1928 to become the Tampa Chamber of Commerce.

We were formed to advance the general business conditions of this area, backed by the support of a growing agricultural and industrial industry base that would branch out to become one of the most diverse economies in the nation.

Through our strong volunteer leadership and unique partnership with the cities, county and our own members, the Chamber has had an enormous impact on the Tampa business community for more than 130 years.

Today, we are an accredited organization recognized by business, government, education and community leaders. The Chamber is here to carry the banner for the business community, a responsibility we take seriously. We have a renewed commitment to advocacy - to be a business minded voice on public policy issues essential to your success, a healthy economy and an improved quality of life for all. We support the community’s small businesses by offering a wide-array of educational programs designed to foster growth among this key piece of our regional economy. But the true power of any group lies in the success of its individual members. That’s why the Chamber sponsors programs and events to help members expand their circle of contacts and provides valuable information and services to give them a competitive edge.

The Chamber was built around the belief in responsibility for the greater good of the community at large. Today, we still share that commitment. We work hard to ensure that this is a community we can be proud of. A place where we can be successful in our business endeavors, and where we are comfortable raising our families. The Chamber is committed to doing all we can to ensure that our community continues to be that kind of place.

By joining with the Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, you gain the power to enable your own business to succeed and, at the same time, you enrich the economy and lifestyle of our entire community.